The Company

Beleza events is an independant production company.

Beleza means « Beauty » in Portuguese. In Brazilian slang, Beleza also shows agreement. 

– The stage should be 6m long

– « Beleza » (=Okay), I will include a 6m long stage on my drawings.

But it also means « great » or « wonderful », « amazing » … 

– Look at this videomapping. 

– « Que Beleza!! » (= how amazing)…

So « Beleza events » means for us a production that was great, a good schedule, an amazing team, a wonderful event…


You’d like to know what we do, who we are? 

So we are specialised in the Audiovisual issues for events. We have more than 10 years experience in the event industry. Including our previous jobs before creating Beleza events, we produced and worked all over Europe and all continents.

We are an independant production specialized in Video, Light, Sound, Simultaneous Interpretation System, Air conditioning & Power distribution. 

We also have an important knowledge on Exhibitions which includes stand building and services for Stand builders all over Europe and some other countries.

We are used to work on other type of events such as Gala dinner … We are only working in events for B2B. 

Our clients are Production company, Stand Builders, Companies, Venues and some Public administration.